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"I am not my body image"


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How are you doing, sweetie? Are you doing okay?


I’m doing okay, thanks for asking!

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Im in tears right now. Im probably am going to get so much hate for this but can I just say something real quick. No one is exactly like this. Everyone on this earth are different. That means not everyone is a size 0 not everyone is a size 13. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. This is literally killing me. Seeing 12 year olds worrying about their body image? That’s wrong. Same thing with seeing 16 year olds doing that too. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE YOU’RE YOU. Their is no one who has the same face or body as you. I can understand wanting to be smaller. I was in the same place as you for like 3 years. I understand. But know this, you are so much better than this. You are worth so much. Your worth so much more than what you are treating yourself.

Recovery Tip of the Day


Find a recovery anthem.  An upbeat song you can listen to or sing to yourself when you are struggling, that will pump you up and remind you that you are strong enough to fight.  Mine is “Stronger” by Christina Aguilera.

What’s yours?

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Recovery Tip of the Day


Having a bad body image day?  Don’t avoid the mirror.  Look at yourself for 5 - 10 seconds, and make a point not to say anything negative.  If you can’t say anything positive, either, that’s okay — it’s enough to say, “My hair is red.  My eyes are brown.  My thighs are there.”  Try to be as objective as possible, and it will help counteract the negative.

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